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Pixel Diamond – HTML eSports and Magazine


  • 64 HTML Files
  • CSS and JS Elements Library with 365+ Items!
  • 63 PSD Files Included SAVE $12
  • Easy template customization using npm & grunt (optional)
  • Vector Illustrations Included
  • 84+ eSports Widgets
  • Custom Plugins
  • Fully Responsive
  • Google Fonts

The Most Complete Gaming and eSports Magazine!
Pixel Diamond was created having in mind all you may need to create your perfect gaming and esports magazine. From lots of different home, posts and news page versions, to tons of cool widgets for esport matches, game overviews, team & player pages, streamers and much more!

We also included a full shop and a complete forum with unique badges. Make sure to check all the preview pages!

HTML Elements Library with 288+ Items
To make things easier for you, we created an elements library to include all CSS and JS items that we included in the template.

You’ll find things like widgets, tables, sliders, charts, buttons, forms, SVG icons and much more! All arranged in an easy to navigate library so you can find any element you want and easily copy the code to customize the HTML the way you need it! Have fun!


The magazine pages were designed so you can have all the options to build your dream site. Among other features, you’ll find several home layouts, posts and news versions, events calendar, sponsors and mega menus.

Different Posts and News Versions
Keeping in mind that not everyone has the same needs, we included lots of different posts layouts (including sliders, progress bars and carousels) and news pages.

You’ll find news pages versions for gaming news, game reviews, movie reviews, geeky news, and videos each one with different layouts and features. Choose the ones you like the most or mix up the elements to create a new and unique one!

Events Calendar, Widget and Description
We know that it’s important for a magazine to have a good events calendar, so we designed calendar and upcoming events widgets, an events page and a detailed description page so people will always remember what’s to come!


Everything you need for eSports! Including a new Homepage, Newspage, Post Page, Standings, Results, Overviews, Team & Players Info, Streamers, Tournament Page and tons of cool Stats Widgets like Player Builds and Hero Stats.

Dedicated eSports Sections & Pages
Knowing how important eSports have become in the last few years, we carefully crafted a dedicated sections and pages just with eSports in mind. Along with new a new homepage, newspage and post page, we also included a matches results bar below the breaking news bar. We also included widgets and a page for streamers!

Super Detailed Match Overviews
So you can have lots of options to choose from, we designed 4 different match overview pages, each one with different designs, layouts and widgets for different games. Choose the one that suits you or build a new one mixing the elements!

We also included a tournament page with standings, tournament bracket, ticket blocks, play days overview and lots of other incredible stuff!

84+ Detailed eSports Widgets & Graphs
We designed 84+ detailed widgets & graphs so you can have the best elements to build the perfect eSports website. Among others you’ll find game overviews, score boxes, team leaders, detailed hero stats, lineups, stats boxes, roles stats, tournament info, tickets, player builds an many more!

Having in mind the different needs that different games have, we designed several versions of some of them to fit all you may need, for example, match overview boxes for single scores and multiple games ones, or team lineups with players and heroes names and photos, big ones with detailed stats, or simpler ones with fewer information.


Complete shop pages for you to build your perfect store. You’ll find different version like pages with 3 columns plus a sidebar, and a 4 columns one with a big slider. We also designed unique looking pages, like the inventory bag and wishlist!

Super Complete Shop Pages Design
To give you all the elements possible, we designed a super complete shop. You’ll find 3 and 4 product column pages (with and without sidebar), a really detailed product page with a dedicated review design so buyers can rate things like hardware, graphics or sound.

Also included are all the pages you may need for buyers to have a great experience like compare, checkout and order confirmation.

Unique Gaming Design Shop Pages
To mix things up a bit and breath some fresh air to the design, we decided to create a shopping cart (or inventory bag), slide inventory and wishlist keeping in mind the gaming theme. You’ll see that we built both of them with an “inventory” system in mind, just like in games, to make it more interesting.


To create an awesome and more united community we decided to include a complate forum with a gamification system. You’ll find pages like main forum, subcategories, forum post, a complete user profile and really cool badges!

Complete Forum and Profile Pages
Wanting to create a stronger community for your website, we designed a full forum. You’ll find a main page, a category or subcategory page, an open topic page with gamification and stats (including several posts with quotes, images and videos) and a search results page.

We also prepared detailed profile pages for the forum users, including summary, activity, notifications, messages, badges and settings.

Illustrations & Badges System Included!
We wanted to make the forum experience more fun for it’s users, so we created a gamification system with 51 different badges (25 main badges, each with their own small version plus a “locked badge”), all fully customizable in the PSD files. We also incuded all categories illustrations!


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Pixel Diamond – HTML eSports and Magazine

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